It all began in 2012 when designer, Ros Horner was asked yet again what her work goals were for the year. 

The product of a life of spur of the moment decisions and joyful happenstance Ros had done a lot, but had never set 'goal'. So she tried it...

....And failed!

This project is the lovely serendipitous outcome.

She asked other designers, developers, students, and creatives to share their goal for the year. Every year since, more and more goals have been collected, from more walks of life, funny, sad, small, huge, life changing goals from all around the world.

Ros speaks at conferences about The Goals Project, collecting more goals as she goes, and hoping to find the answers to some of these big questions: Does sharing a goal help us achieve it? Can we do better things together? Does it help us to write it down? Why must we always be hitting targets and reaching goals? What happens when we reach them? How big should we think? Why do people keep asking us about our 5 year plan? Does getting shit done make us happier? or better?