Is the best way to accomplish your goals to ignore them?

Nick Saban is one of the greatest college American football coaches of all time.

But for someone whose name has become synonymous with winning, Saban doesn’t place much emphasis on the end result. Saban tells his players to just focus on the process.

The process is a philosophy that simplifies the complexities of life.

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If you want to be a better person, find something to do outside of work

A compelling title by Alex Preston. 
Hobbies, side projects, passions, interests. Alone, in teams, with others. The time you fill, the time you enjoy wasting, Whatever you do outside of work is greater or equal to the what you do inside of work. What we read, what we hear, where we go, what we do, who we're with. Here's another great article by Alex Preston, banging on about the same things I bang on about. 

"Our hobbies should be a form of dissent, a radical expression of our individuality, a celebration of doing things that we’re not obliged to do."

Hobbies and the Meaning of Life by James Preston