"Be Bolder"

Saying yes would mean loosing control but getting to work with much bigger International clients - My first thought was no. But I thought back - be bolder! This could be an adventure.

And a year on? "So I sold out and here we are - 34 people strong international design agency - Having the time of my life. But early days"
How do you feel about your goal now? "Very proud"


Tell us about your goal: "(A couple of months before the goals talk) I had a talk with my mother about life and what we have achieved. I asked her to look back and reflect about if there was one thing she would do different in her life. She said 'be bolder' - She died a couple of weeks later and it made me really reflect about my own life and the business. I started my agency in Norway in 1998, a fairly successful small business, with 3 people. In September, (exactly a year after the goals talk) I was asked to merge with a San Fransisco based design agency.


"I quit my job for this..."

I asked him how he feels about his goals now: "I didn’t make as much money as I set out to however I learn a great deal about myself, business and how to take risks.

I find goal setting very very useful and didn't forget about the goal I set, it was either brave or stupid!  I've since learned that brave and stupid is completely normal for most business ideas and goals. I'm glad I tried, it cost me a lot of time and money, but I don't regret trying it."

Made By Remedy
Chris's thoughts on goals

Chris had quit his job and come to the conference where The Goals Project was born. He wrote on his paper: “I quit my job for this”

He said it was a mile stone for a business idea he was working on full time. Remedy is a t-shirt company specialising in apparel for DJs and Bass music fans.

Chris's goal for the year was:
"To get a DJ to wear one of my shirts and make some clear profit"



"Change location"

I now have a yearly goals/task list. I use Evernote to add/edit them throughout the year. When I look back on the year, I can feel that I have achieved something that I can be happy about, whether its a personal task, an odd job that's been waiting around to be done, a place to visit, a new project or a life changing decision."

Craig's goal is another common one, move away, travel, work abroad. He's now working at one of Singapore's fastest growing start ups.

"My goal of moving and working in a new location (Singapore) was one that I'd do over and over. It helped me progress; personally and professionally. I think I developed more over the past year than the previous 3 or 4.